Thursday, 18 May 2017


Last weekend the yard:ARTspace lured the marvelous Sarah Morpeth from her Cumbrian home to the warm climes of Cheltenham.
The yard was filled with her magical creations, intricate paper cut artists books,
telling touching stories and raising paper cut to a completely new level.
Books and pictures of all sizes were on display to inspire the class participants.
And how they were inspired...
Day one everyone produced these
exquisite beak books and
not a cut finger insight.
Sarah was tremendously supportive leading
to happy satisfied results.
Day two led to colour and these beautiful
backed books.
All very individual from cool and classic to
Everyone had a story to tell.
Sarah was generous and inspirational, at the end of this weekend there was a happy set of book makers. Thank you everyone for your creative energy and thank you Sarah for an excellent weekend...can you come back next year??

Monday, 8 May 2017


I love my job, the sun shining 
and the yard:ARTspace full of excited people who have come to learn mixed media sketch book techniques this weekend.
I had lots of sketch book examples to inspire.
Spirits were not dampened even by the door handle breaking off locking us all in the yard, its not a technique I use often, locking everyone in at the start of a workshop is not a necessary ploy!!
The lovely Mr Brown came to our rescue at lunch time and fixed a new handle to the door.
Confident in the knowledge that we could escape when ever we liked, it was heads down working on pieces with ink, bleach, wax and of course the star of the weekend
 was gum arabic transfer.
Soon the results of everyone's labours were drying in the sunshine,
fluttering in the breeze.
After 2 days of experimentation and
half an hour of complicated gluing, 
all these lovely books were produced.
I am so lucky, there was so much creative energy this weekend, everyone was willing to try new things and revisit techniques. The next workshop will be in November as part of Create for Christmas, there will be a festive twist, gold and silver glitter will be used in context.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

SUMMER STARTS AT the yard:ARTspace

So the summer term has started with a real creative burst at the yard:ARTspace. We have ignored the chilly weather and all the politics flying around and made ourselves happy with lots of making.
I have been lucky enough to entice Viv Sliwka aka Hens Teeth,
luring her all the way from Staffordshire to the yard in Cheltenham to run a workshop.
Worried Wilf gave her support, although I believe it is his job to untangle those threads.
Viv is a warm, generous tutor and she gently
guided everyone through the creation of a needle case.
An abundance of resources brought by Viv 
helped everyone start gorgeous work.
Every where I looked there were inspiring piles of snippets and haberdashery treasures.
You could cut the concentration with a knife and
inspiration was fueled by Tunnocks. 
Thank you Viv, these were not just needle cases, they were
collages containing memories and mouth watering loveliness.

I can announce that Viv will be returning to the yard:ARTspace to deliver a workshop for Create For Christmas on 24 November and places are booking.
Back in the land of printmaking, the 10 week course started. This term we are exploring silk aquatint. Here is a plate and proof print from my example.
Using chiffon, glue, repair and skim plaster from B&Q, we have all been plate making for 2 weeks.
I can't wait for inking up next week, there are some lovely surprises in store.
The 10 week printmaking course has been popular and the morning class for the Autumn term is nearly full. 

Look at for details of all the workshops and courses happening for the rest of the Summer and Autumn term.